Civil and Merchant Vessel Encounters With United States Navy Ships, 1800-2000 Hardcover Book

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Contacts or incidents (among them collisions, rescue missions, groundings, founderings, intentional scuttlings, piracy, and other contacts) occurring between nearly 1,000 United States Navy ships and nearly 900 merchant vessels, yachts, workboats, and other craft during peacetime and wartime throughout the history of the Navy, are the subject of this reference work. The oldest contact in the book occurred in the year 1800 and the latest happened in February 1999 when a Navy sub torpedoed the merchant vessel New Carissa off the coast of Oregon. Some events became international incidents, such as the time in 1962 when Russian MiGs from Cuba fired rockets at the Ala, an American shrimpboat, in international waters between Florida and Cuba. Some encounters between civil and merchant vessels and the Navy have gone to various courts for investigation or civil action and this work includes accounts given by participants or survivors, witness statements, trial and appellate testimony and opinions, and official reports made by those involved. The civil and merchant vessels are arranged alphabetically and indexes are provided for the naval ships and persons. There is also a general index.