Daphne In The Brilliant Blue Soundtrack

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Made by Geneon. Following the ethereal, soaring musical brilliance of 'Haibane Renmei,' composer Kow Otani rightfully steals the spotlight again with another marvelous, atmospheric soundtrack that takes listeners across ocean-surrounded cities, to the futuristic, all-purpose, crime-fighting agencies found in 'Daphne in the Brilliant Blue Original Soundtrack.' Flowing with 26 crisp and rich instrumentals, this CD also includes the TV size versions of the opening theme, 'Blue Wing of Tomorrow' and the ending song 'The time when I called your name.' 1. Silence 2. Is There Any Business As Wonderful As the Nereides' Business? 3. Carefree People 4. Nereides into Action!! 5. Training 6. Sparkles on the Water 7. Peaceful Afternoon 8. Maia, Doing Her Best!! 9. Tender Feelings 10. When You Touch Someone's Heart 11. Thoughts for Grandpa 12. Sleepless Night 13. The Moon Reflecting on the Water Surface 14. Let's Live a Cheerful and Positive Life! 15. Subtitle 16. Eyecatch 17. Chase 1 18. Tension 19. Chase 2 20. Prediction of Trouble 21. BATTLE! 22. Mysterious Girls 23. In Any Circumstances 24. Feeling Helpless... 25. I Want to Forget 26. Mission Complete 27. Ashita no Blue Wing (Blue Wing of Tomorrow) TV size 28. Anata to iu jikan (A Time which is called "You") TV size

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