Dragon Ball Shikishi Colored Art 8 (2019) Bandai Blind Picture Print Sealed Box - (10 Random Prints)

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Brand New! Brand New / Sealed! Box contains 10 random art packs.
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Brand New / Sealed! Box contains 10 random art packs.

Imported from Japan! Officially licensed by Bandai! 1 picture at random is included in each blind packaging.

Randomly assorted from all 17 types. These mini-shikishi feature characters from Dragon Ball in a Japanese style. With care to detail of being shikishi the new design uses an ink brush touch not seen before in other shikishi. This time characters from the movie "Dragon Ball Super Broly" are joining the line up. Some designs also feature past opponents such as "Freiza VS Goku" and major characters. In addition, for the first there is 1 design of shikishi using a 3D-like printing technique in the line up.