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Made by Geneon. More than just another sci-fi anime glamorizing giant robots, 'Gun Parade March' focuses on strong character-driven storylines and utilizes an equally strong and thrilling music score provided by the 'Gun Parade March Original Soundtrack.' Famed composer Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor WXIII the Movie, Blue Seed, Maison Ikkoku, Avalon, Ringu) draws from his wide range of instrumental versatility to skillfully create 34 tracks of high-quality, exhilarating music and vocals. Featuring 32 instrumentals and two songs, including the opening theme, 'Door of Truth' sung by fan-favorite performer Yoko Ishida (Ai Yori Aoshi, Sugar, Texhnolyze) and the closing theme, 'Beyond the Darkness.' 1. The Door of Truth - TV edition 2. The Singing Voice of Ruins 3. Marching onward to Hope 4. The Season of Happiness 5. The Strained March 6. The Samurai Spirit of the Final Battle 7. The Peaceful Sunny Spot 8. Stairs to the Future 9. Sullen Gaze 10. Noisy Footsteps 11. Fatigued Steps 12. Lemon Colored Twilight 13. Deep Anxiety 14. Reverberating Blast 15. Embarkation to the Battle 16. Brief Repose 17. Shibamura / A Glorious History 18. Open Fire 19. Light Afternoon 20. Goddess of Victory 21. Wailing from the Darkness 22. A Sign of Melancholy 23. A Timid Kitten 24. Wandering Air 25. Sleepless Night 26. Color of Sound at Ease 27. Strained Thread 28. The Phantom of an Enemy's Shadow 29. Flying Dust 30. The Noble Unit 31. An Eternal Prayer 32. A Renewed Marching Song 33. The Door to Tomorrow 34. Beyond the Darkness - TV edition