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    Brand New! Inner page is inscribed and Signed!

    Newspaper columnist John Bogert is grounded in this life. And it is all his fault. It is a rule of existence that when a man grabs at life, life grabs back with tight little fists. Life packs on kids, pets, goodbyes, good times and all manner of insanity and inanity. Life will hold a man to the floor with the weight of his relationships and responsibilities and will smile a contented, malicious smile while doing it. At that point a man can run, fight like a junk-yard dog or laugh at and love his tormentor while writing a bunch of fabulously poignant, smart-mouth, life-wise, often hilarious columns. That's how Bogert dealt with being grounded: columns. In over 6,000 of them published in Los Angeles' Daily Breeze newspaper over more than two decades, he has documented the life that binds. This selection of columns recaps Bogert's story of being-in every sense-grounded.