Hook Lost Boy Ace Hoses Down Pirates Vintage (1991) Mattel Action Figure

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    Brand New! Blister card has staples at hang hook and a price sticker.
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    Brand New! Blister card has staples at hang hook and a price sticker.

    Officially licensed by Mattel! Blister card has price sticker. Measures about 3.5 inches tall and comes with accessories. A tattooed pirate disarmed three Lost Boys and grabbed one to run him through. Suddenly a blast of water hit him right between the eyes! Ace had invented a one of a kind water weapon which he carried on his back that could cool off a hothead at a hundred paces. He called it his Ace-izer “Let’s keep this fight clean,” said Ace shaking his finger at the dripping wet pirate. With a blood-curdling curse the pirate rushed Ace. Once again Ace blasted the pirate with high-pressure water. The three boys howled with laughter as the pirate started to slip and slide. With one last blast from the Ace-izer, the pirate tumbled backwards onto the conveyor belt that the artful Ace had constructed to dump dirty pirates into the ship’s hold. With wild shouts and laughter the Lost Boys claimed yet another victory in the greatest war ever in Neverland.