Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa Brady Games Official Strategy Guide Book

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Detailed Walkthrough - We lead you step by step through missions and instances--earn superior gear and advance through the ranks! We guide you from green recruit all the way to Tier IV character levels! Battlefield Maps - Our area maps pinpoint Logos Shrines, Vendors, Waypoints, Hospitals, Control Points, NPCs, and many other crucial locations! Know the lay of the land before you deploy! Expert Character Creation - We teach you the ins and outs of character creation. Complete class coverage reveals the pros, cons, skills, and abilities of every AFS career path! Equipment Data - Our quick-reference tables provide stats for weapons, armor, and more--the data you need is always close at hand! That’s Not All! Grouping and Squad Coverage, Logos Dictionary, Gorgeous Concept Art, an Interview with Richard Garriott, and Much More!