Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler (1997) Vintage History Channel VHS Box Set

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    Box and tapes are in excellent condition, very minor signs of any wear.
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    Box and tapes are in excellent condition, very minor signs of any wear.

    He was a failed artist whose love of beauty turned into a hunger for destruction. A marginal soldier who became the commander of one of the most horrific war machines ever unleashed. Volume I: The Private Man Adolf Hitlerís youth was marked by failure. A poor student, he never finished high school. He turned to art, but was twice rejected by the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts for lack of talent. At his lowest, he lived off an orphanís pension and stayed in a hostel. Volume II: The Seducer There is no doubt that Hitlerís greatest gift as a leader was his ability to influence the masses. His speeches were delivered with an intensity and fervor that demanded belief. He captivated people by playing on their emotions and by providing a spectacle of power in a nation drained by its defeat in World War 1. Volume III: The Blackmailer By the mid-1930ís, Hitler had control of Germany and began to look beyond its borders. He presented himself to the world as an ìAngel of Peaceî who merely wanted to rid his nation of the oppressive restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles. In truth, he wanted to dominate Europe by force. Volume IV: The Dictator Rarely has one man held such power as Adolf Hitler. His armed forces were by far the most destructive ever assembled. He alone determined the broad objectives and policies of a government that controlled every aspect of the German peopleís lives. Volume V: The Commander From the very beginning, Hitlerís ultimate vision was for a ìJew Free Great German Empire.î To accomplish this, he would have to subjugate Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals. His fanaticism allowed for no compromise. Volume VI: The Criminal In the end, Hitlerís legacy is reduced to that of the most influential, destructive and powerful criminals of the century. He ordered and supervised the murder of millions of Jews and other ìundesirables.î His unquenchable need for power led him to declare a war that claimed countless other lives.