Tarzan Jesse Marsh Years Vol. 9 (2011) Dark Horse Hardcover Book - (Edgar Rice Burroughs)

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Brand New! Brand New / Sealed! Back of plastic wrap has small tear.
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Brand New / Sealed! Back of plastic wrap has small tear.

Kreegah! Tarzan's Golden Age adventures in the heart of Africa and the lost land of Pal-ul-don continue! In addition to featuring favorite characters Muviro, Dr. MacWhirtle, Boy, Goliath, and Argus, this collection introduces both a fearsome, flying tribe of bat-worshippers and the buffalo-riding Gallugos people. New Cathne faces the threat of New Athne and the Great Swamp's thousands of Terribs, and Tarzan is caught up in the mysteries of ghosts and treasure-coated great apes! Now if only he can save Boy from a revenge-minded witch doctor before it is too late! Reprinting Dell's Tarzan's Jungle Annual #2 and Tarzan #44-46, from 1953, for the first time since their original appearance.